Citizen's Police Academy (update 7/9/2017)

Middletown Police Citizen’s Police Academy



Those of you interested in the Citizen’s Police Academy this Fall are encouraged to access information by going to the following website: Click on Citizen’s Police Academy.


This is quite a commitment on both the part of our Police Department (particularly the officers that will be your instructors) and YOU as a class participant -12 weeks. Read carefully what is expected of you such as only one (1)

missed class allowed if you are to graduate.


Please email me at of your plan to attend the Citizen’s Police academy and I will coordinate with Lt. J. Ryan – passing on the details to each of you.


I have attended the Newport Citizen’s Police Academy and it was quite an eye opener.

What better way to enhance your experience as an FOPA member.

Election Year


Nominations of candidates will be accepted from the floor for the following officer vacancies at the regular meeting in November:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Guard, Chaplain, and Board of Directors (6). The Board candidate receiving the most votes will become the Board Chair.

Website Survey (posted 9/1/2016)

Please take a moment to take a short 10-question survey to provide feedback on our new website. The link to the survey is located towards the bottom of our Home Page. Be sure to check out the entire site prior to taking the survey.

Hall Rental Reminder (posted 8/13/2016)

Are you looking to use the hall? Remember to reserve the date. It's quick and easy, just go to the Hall Rentals tab and follow the directions...if you don't see you date reserved on the calendar within 2-3 business days of submitting the paperwork, contact the Hall Rental Coodinator.